Wednesday, June 14, 2017

eOne Smartconnect - Input variable contains a duplicate document (IVDOCNBR)

Other Errors: The Lot quantity passed in is <> to the transaction quantity
This error occurs during Purchase Receipt Imports, or Item Transaction imports

The integration is creating the header first, and when it attempts to create the line, it detects the header already exists and fails.
By default, it attempts to create a new document instead of update the existing document.
The document numbers may genuinely already exist, ensure that your map is pointing to the correct company. Check the tables for any duplicate document numbers you may have already imported.


  • If there is a flag to update lines, this should be marked
  • Key Field should be: Document Number
  • Include a LineItemSequence
  • Change the order of integration to Lots>Lines>Transaction Header

If all else fails, use Integration Manager.

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