Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dynamics NAV - Currency Factor vs Exchange Rate

  • My base currency in the G/L setup is GBP
  • My foreign currency is USD
    • Currency Factor is 1.7
      • 1 GBP * 1.7 = 1.7 USD
    • Exchange Rate is 0.55
      • 1 USD * 0.55 = 0.55 GBP
    • Currency Factor = 1/Exchange Rate

Friday, May 27, 2016

Dynamics NAV 2015 - Capture Input - Input no longer works. Use Window.InputBox


In your CAL code, create a global or local as follows
Name   = Window
DataType = DOTNET
SubType  = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction.'Microsoft.VisualBasic, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a'
Go to properties, Set RunOnClient = Yes

Now you can call it in your cal code like this
CustomerNo := Window.InputBox('Input Customer No:', 'INPUT', '', 100, 100);

Parameter description

>Prompt - Message You Want to Display.
>Title - Title of Input Box.
>DefaultResponse - Response That should be Filled Intially.
>XPos & YPos - X & Y Axis Position of Input Box.

It Returns a Text Value as Output.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Windows Server 2012 - Windows update failed - kb2919355 - does not install - .NET Framework 4.6 failed to install. Management Reporter CU15 Failed to install

Related Errors:

  • Trying to install Management Reporter 2012 CU15 - "An Error occurred while installing system components for Management Reporter."
  • Trying to install Dot Net 4.6 - "A failure occurred attempting to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6"


  • Run this in powershell
  • robocopy C:\Users\Default\ D:\Users\Default\ *.* /s
  • Change the D to any other drive letter you may have installed windows components to.
  • To be safe, run this to copy the users\default directory to all other local drives.
  • Rerun the windows update, and everything should install correctly.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dynamics NAV - Item Age Composition vs Inventory Valuation Report

  • Item Age Composition Report
    • Shows the CURRENT value of stock, broken into aging buckets
    • Uses the total of open item ledger entries
    • Automatically Uses Expected Costs for receipts with no posted invoices
    • Displays value in aging buckets for three periods before the current date
  • Inventory Valuation Report
    • Shows the Value of Stock AS AT a given date
    • Uses the total of open item ledger entries
    • By default, the report will only display line items with posted invoices
    • User must tick "Expected Costs" to include any line items with unposted invoices, and use an expected cost to value those lines
    • Displays total of all transactions in the range selected
  • These two reports are not supposed to match for historical dates.
  • They will only match for current dates.

Dynamics GP - Month End Financial Procedures

  1. Soft Close Fiscal Periods
    1. This will prevent posting to the closed periods, and enable posting to the new period
    2. GP>Tools>Setup>Company>Fiscal Periods
      1. Select The current Year
      2. Tick the modules to prevent posting to the last period for those modules
      3. Untick the modules to allow posting to the next period for those modules
  2. Print Reports
    1. Print your Financial>Reports>Trial Balance
    2. Print your Sales>Reports>Trial Balance
    3. Print your Purchases>Reports>Trial Balance
    4. Print your Inventory>Reports>Activity>Historical IV Trial Balance
    5. Print your Inventory>Reports>Activity>Stock Status
  3. Export Smartlists
    1. Item Quantities
    2. Customer Balances
    3. Vendor Balances
    4. GL Account Summary

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dynamics NAV - LS Retail - LS NAV Start cannot connect

  • This happens if the NAV service is not running.
  • Ensure that the windows account used to run the NAV service is added to the local sql as sysadmin,  db-owner
  • Launch the regular NAV client and attempt to connect to the local service before launching the LS NAV start

Dynamics GP - Stored Procedures - GL Trial Balance Summary

exec [seeglPrintSRSTrialBalance ]
@I_cStartingAccountNumber=N'000-1100-00                                                       ',
@I_cEndingAccountNumber=N'000-1120-00                                                       ',
@I_dStartingDate='2019-01-01 00:00:00',
@I_dEndingDate='2019-12-31 00:00:00',

Friday, May 13, 2016

Dynamics GP - Manufacturing Training Topics - MFG, MO, SO, BO

  • Manufacturing Setups & Cards
    • Items
    • Item Engineering Data
    • Locations
    • Manufacturing Accounts
    • Machines
    • Labor Codes
    • Manufacturing Bill of Materials
    • Routings
  • Manufacturing Costing Overview
    • How does GP Manufacturing Calculate FG costs?
      • Material Costs
        • Raw materials
        • WIP
        • Scrap
        • Backflushing
      • Routing Costs
        • Time
        • Machine Cost
        • Labor Cost
        • Overhead Cost
  • Production
    • By Forecast
      • How to drive production based on forecasted demand
    • By Sales Order
      • How to Manufacture-to-order
        • Create a Back Order Type>Assign Invoice Type
        • Create and Order type>Assign Back order type
        • Sales>Setup>Sales Order Processing>Additional>Manufacturing Sales Order Prefs
          • Enable silent MO Generation
        • Item Card
          • Enable Back Orders
          • Item Engineering >Set to "Make to Order-Silent"
        • Create Order for more stock than is available
        • Enter Line
        • Select Back Order Balance or all 
          • Once you tab off the line
          • MO is automatically created
          • SO/MO Link is automatically created
        • OR Transfer Order to Back Order
          • MO is automatically created
          • SO/MO Link is automatically created
        • Save Order
        • Use Smartlist or SSRS to build report to determine which MO's to release
        • Print Picking tickets from mo screen to give to production staff
        • Complete production
        • Receive MO (This allocates stock to the linked order)
        • Transfer Order to Invoice
          • This will allocate stock to the invoice
        • Print invoice
    • By Sales Order with Manual Allocation and Fulfilment
      • Same as above, except with additional steps
        • On Order Type, tick separate fulfilment process
        • From Item Card>GoTo>Fulfilment Detail>Enable Maintain Shipping History
        • From Sales Transaction Entry
          • Allocate stock by going to Options>Allocate or Fulfill>Allocate
          • Fulfil stock by going to Transactions>Sales>Order Fulfilment
            • Enter Qty fulfilled

    • By MRP
      • How to let the system suggest Purchase orders and MO's to meet minimum requirements and other demand
    • Manual
  • Reporting
    • Traveller Report
    • Variance Report

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dynamics GP - Report Writer - How to create a calculation of an aggregated report footer value displayed as a percentage


  • Create Calculated fields using the "Report Fields" list * 10000
  • Select the RF_ fields for your formulas
  • change the Display Type to Data
  • In the object format, select the format DLR4_%2 to get % signs