Monday, January 30, 2012

ZM400 Error Condition - Ribbon Out

Solutions (1)

The printer does not recognize the size label you are using because you have changed it.

Cold Reboot the printer.

1) Turn off the printer
2) Hold down the power button
3) Turn on the printer
4) Wait for it to start up
5) Release the power button
6) The printer will reset

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Intermec CN3 - Carriage Return after scan

On the Intermec CN3, we were having an issue where you had to press "enter" after scanning an item.

This can be resolved by setting a postamble carriage return symbol on the scanner.
To do this go to

Start>Settings>System>Intermec Settings
Expand Data Collection
Expand Internal Scanner
Expand Symbology Options
Select Postamble
Enter \r

When using the Accellos system, to read combined barcodes correctly, use
\x0A as your postamble.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sharepoint - Cannot Edit List in Datasheet

 "The list cannot be displayed in Datasheet view for one or more of the following reasons: A datasheet component compatible with Windows SharePoint Services is not installed, your browser does not support ActiveX controls, or support for ActiveX controls is disabled."

Download and install the Access 2007 Data Components.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

EOne SmartConnect - You do not have access to the connectors required for this map

When trying to set up a scheduled integration job, ensure you do the following:

1) Verify the eOne SmartConnect Service account

2) Ensure that you create this account in SmartConnect, and give it full access to all the maps
Open Smartconnect>Setup>Security>Box above "Admin">Add User
Mark All>Mark everything

3) Ensure that you set the correct password for the account in smartconnect
Open Smartconnect>Setup>Security>Box above "Admin">Change Password

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dynamics GP - Change Allocate by from Line Item to Document/Batch

SOP Setup>Sales Document Setup>Invoice Setup

The Allocate By Field can be changed from Line Item to Document/Batch only if there are no unposted transactions for this document type.

If this field is greyed out, and you need to change it, ensure that you delete or post all transactions of this type, and then the field will become available.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dynamics GP - How to change an Item type from Services to Sales Inventory

Only items going from non-inventory to  inventory can be changed this easily.
Do not attempt this for any other inventory types.
1)  Ensure all batches are posted
2)  Run this to change the type
update IV00101 set [ITEMTYPE] = 1 where [ITEMNMBR] = 'Item_to_change'

3) Valuation Method will be blank 
Go to
GP> Utilities>Inventory>Change Valuation
and set the valuation of the item to the correct valuation type

Item Types:
1 – Sales Inventory
2 – Discontinued
3 – Kit
4 – Misc Charges
5 – Services
6 – Flat Fee

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dynamics GP SSRS Sharepoint Integrated Mode

The issue:
SQL Server = SQL
Sharepoint Server = Sharepoint
Reporting Services Server = RS
GP Server = GP

We need to install Reporting Services in Sharepoint Integrated mode so that the reports are displayed through sharepoint, but each software is installed in a different server.

Ensure that you can access Reporting Services Manager from Sharepoint Server
Create a library to store the reports. I created GPReports as my empty library.
Install Dynamics GP Shared components and GP Client on Sharepoint, and deploy reports from there
(you can uninstall after the deploy)
Sharepoint Site = http:\\Sharepoint\
Library = GPReports

You will get the "The deployment has exceeded the maximum request length allowed by the target server" error

Go to 
c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\(SRS Instance)\Reporting Services\ReportServer\web.config 

<httpRuntime executionTimeout="9000" />
Change it to (<httpRuntime executionTimeout="9000" maxRequestLength="20960"/>).

Also check out
It has a list of common issues and solutions regarding SSRS

Installing SSRS 2008 on a Cluster

Cluster Name\Instance = Cluster\A
Nodes = N1, N2
Other Server = O1

Do not install SSRS on Cluster\A
Use SQL Enterprise

Native Mode Install on Cluster - Single SSRS Server
- Install the SSRS on O1

Native Mode Install on Cluster - Scaled Out with NLB (allows multiple SSRS instances to work together to process reports)
- To do a scaled-out deployment that uses Network Load Balancing, you must install on N1
- Run the SSRS config and install the reporting database on Cluster\A to have the database benefit from clustering
- Now install on N2 and point to the reporting database on Cluster\A

Sharepoint Integrated Mode - ANY
- The machine you install SSRS on must have a Sharepoint product installed on it as well for it to communicate with your sharepoint farm.
- Once installed, go to sharepoint, then add Report Server add-in, point to SSRS instance