Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dynamics NAV - Inventory Valuation does not Match GL Balances

  • Adjust Costs did not successfully run
  • Errant entries to the GL Account
    • Review all GL entries to the inventory account with a source that is not INVTPCOST
  • Late Posting of Vendor Invoices
    • If a Purchase Receipt is posted today, it generates a GL entry as of today, but Generates a Value entry (Used by Inv Valuation) of 0
    • The correct Value Entry is only posted when the Invoice is Posted

Friday, August 14, 2015

Dynamics GP - Item Barcode options in Vanilla GP

  • Use Modifier to enable the unused "Item Code" field on the Item Card
  • Inventory>>Cards>>Item Purchasing Options Can store multiple item number references to a single item
The only other solutions that can be used to scan multiple barcodes for use in sop would be
  • Panatrack
  • Accellos
  • Salespad
  • Compass
  • Smartfill and custom fields

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dynamics NAV - LS Retail - Statements do not post correctly - "The Transaction cannot be completed because it will cause Inconsistencies" error

The statement has not been correctly calculated. Some information is missing or damaged.

  • Clear and Recalculate the statement
  • If you cannot do this because you have posted Sales Documents already, do the following
    • In the DEV environment Run Table 99001487 Statement
    • Find your problem statement
    • Clear the Status Field so it no longer has  "Sales Entries Posted"
    • Navigate to your Statement in NAV
    • Clear and Recalculate the statement
Save this as text, and import and compile
OBJECT Codeunit 50004 Single Instance CU { OBJECT-PROPERTIES { Date=10/11/07; Time=[ 2:50:02 PM]; Modified=Yes; Version List=MOD01; } PROPERTIES { SingleInstance=Yes; OnRun=BEGIN IF NOT StoreToTemp THEN BEGIN StoreToTemp := TRUE; END ELSE FORM.RUNMODAL(0,TempGLEntry); END; } CODE { VAR TempGLEntry@1000000000 : TEMPORARY Record 17; StoreToTemp@1000000001 : Boolean; PROCEDURE InsertGL@1000000000(GLEntry@1000000000 : Record 17); BEGIN IF StoreToTemp THEN BEGIN TempGLEntry := GLEntry; IF NOT TempGLEntry.INSERT THEN BEGIN TempGLEntry.DELETEALL; TempGLEntry.INSERT; END; END; END; BEGIN END. } }

  • Run this codeunit once
  • Run your problem posting
  • Run this codeunit again to see the cause

Dynamics NAV - Execute Permissions are greyed out

To set the Execute Permissions manually

  • launch the DEV environment
  • run the 2000000005 Permissions Table
  • filter to find your permission
  • Set the execute permission manually