Monday, May 29, 2017

Dynamics GP Purchase Return - Cannot select PO Receipt. number is not available. Number is not in list.

This can happen in any of the following situations

  • PO Receipt has a corrupt or stuck record in the POP10300 and POP10310 table from a previous return against this line item
    • Run this to identify any corrupted transactions. If it returns anything, you need to run check links.
      • Select * from POP10300 where poptype = 0
    • Run Check Links against your purchasing module
    • If this does not remove the errant record, update the type, pull up the record and delete it
      • update pop10300 set poptype = 5 where poprctnm = 'RCT00001'
  • PO has an Unposted Receipt - Cannot do purchase return
    • If the item has not been received, it cannot be returned
    • Go to Purchasing>Receiving Transaction Entries
      • Look through unposted receipts to see if any are for your PO
    • Or use this script to check for any unposted receipt lines
      • select * from pop10310 where PONUMBER = 'PO001'
  • PO Receipt has an Unposted Invoice - Cannot do purchase return with credit
    • If the invoice has not been posted, there is no credit to be given
    • Go to Purchasing>Enter/Match Invoices
      • Look through Unposted invoices to see if any are for your PO Receipt
    • Or use this script to check for any unposted invoice lines for your PO number
      • select * from pop10500 where PONUMBER = 'PO001'
  • Item has already been sold or removed from the cost layer
    • Go to Inventory>Inquiry>Receipts
    • Enter the item and the location
      • Look for the Receipt Number
      • If there is a value under "Quantity Sold", you cannot do a purchase return for what was sold
      • You must do an inventory adjustment
  • You can Return w/Credit for receipts of non-inventory items with item cards
  • You can Return w/Credit for receipts of non-inventory items without item cards
    • Choose Return w/Credit
    • On the Purchase Return Line, Type in the Item Number first
    • Now the Receipts lookup should populate correctly

Friday, May 19, 2017

GP 2016 R2 - Delete Row using right-click functionality missing when Manufacturing is installed from GP Windows

This happens when manufacturing is installed.

To enable the delete row function, go to

  • GP Button>User Preferences
  • Under window command display, change it to Menu Bar
  • Close and reopen your GP
  • Navigate to your transaction
  • Select your line
  • On the menu bar on top, click Edit>Delete Row
  • Any users experiencing this issue should do the same

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Outlook - Conversation subject disappears when searching

Add the Subject column as a separate column

HITB Reset Tool - Data Validation - Account does not exist

The item may have quantities in one of the quantity type columns, and has no associated account with that quantity type.

select QTYTYPE, * from SEE99998 where qtytype <> 1

Review the Quantity Type field to see which "bucket" this item has receipt layers in. Here are the possibilities:
1 – On Hand
2 – Returned
3 – In Use
4 – In Service
5 – Damaged

Each of these quantity types maps to a different account type that would need to be populated.
1 – On Hand -- Inventory
2 – Returned -- Inventory Returns
3 – In Use -- In Use
4 – In Service -- In Service
5 – Damaged -- Damaged

Verify that you have accounts entered for the quantity types that exist for this item(and the others as needed) to resolve this warning message.

To Resolve this, set default posting accounts for the different quantity types in your posting setup, or on each item.

On the item card for each item, set a value for the account required for "Inventory Returns"

--This script can be used to update items with an account number
update iv00101 set IVRETIDX = x where ITEMNMBR = 'y'

--Where x is your account index, and y is your item number.

--Copy Inventory Account to Return Account for item classes
select * from iv40400 where ivretidx = 0

update iv40400 set ivretidx = ivivindx where ivretidx = 0

Friday, May 12, 2017

GRNI - Goods Received not Invoiced does not match Trial Balance

  • Run the GL Trial Balance for the AP Clearing account as at today
  • Run the Vendor Amt. Rcd. Not Invoiced as at today, compare the figures
  • Differences are due to Exchange Rate currency rounding and value entries that affect previous transactions. Depending on when the reports are run, it may or may not include the adjusting value entries that would affect the GL balance.

Batch File - How to copy files over a certain size from one folder structure into the exact same folder structure

robocopy "C:\My Source" "C:\My Destination" /s /max:10000000 /mir /R:1 /W:1

/s - copy subdirectories
/max - limit filesize in bytes
/mir - mirror structure (mirrors deletes)
/R - max retries if file is open
/W - max wait time in seconds when retrying

Friday, May 5, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

ReqLogic - Update GP PO Requisition Date with Reqlogic Requisition Date

UPDATE       POP10100
SET                REQTNDT = XW_ReqHdr.ReqDate
FROM            POP10110 INNER JOIN
                         POP10100 ON POP10110.PONUMBER = POP10100.PONUMBER LEFT OUTER JOIN
                         XW_ReqHdr ON POP10110.Source_Document_Number = XW_ReqHdr.ReqNbr
WHERE        XW_ReqHdr.ReqDate > '1900-01-01'

Monday, May 1, 2017

LS Retail - AR Charge, Tender to customer Account and Credit Limits and Payment Terms

  • Tender type under store setup must be ticked for "Card/Account" to identify the tender type as a customer account to know it has to check credit limits
  • Customer Credit Limit must not be 0. 0 is treated as unlimited credit.
  • If the Sales and Receivables Setup is set to "Both Warnings"
    • The POS should give a warning about the transaction being over the customer's credit limit, and prevent you from moving forward
  • If your tender type under the store setup is ticked for "Manager Key Control" 
    • and your staff account permission is Manager it will allow you to use the customer account tender type
    • If it is not ticked, anyone can use this tender type
  • If Customer is Blocked on customer Card, Transaction will stop with error

  • C99001570 - POS Transaction - Handles Credit Check when Customer Account Tender type is selected
    • Function - TenderCharge
    • Text806 - Customer %1 is over creditlimit or blocked. Want to continue?
  • C99008900 - POS functions
    • Function - ValidateCustomer