Saturday, April 19, 2014

Windows XP Compatibility

Windows XP will generally work with
  • Dynamics GP up to 2013
  • SQL Server up to 2008 R2
  • It will connect to SQL 2012 using the SQL 2008 odbc drivers

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dynamics GP - Compass - EBIZMUI.dll is missing

Download and install the POS A00 first before installing the POS A03
Untick Pole Support

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dynamics GP - Releases, Updates, Upgrades, Service Packs

GP 2010

Dynamics GP - Automatic Cost Adjustment Batches

Information about the calculation of inventory item costs and the maintenance of these costs in Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics GP

An unexpected GLTRX Batch appears in Financial Batch Entry in Microsoft Dynamics GP

An automatic cost adjustment will be generated in the GL for any of the following scenarios:
  1. Any change is made to the item's receipt layer after it has already been sold, transferred, adjusted, consumed or received
    • The adjustment attempts to set the cost of the sale to what it would have been if the adjustment had been done before the sale occurred.
  2.  Item Purchasing Options Maintenance Window> Revalue Inventory for Cost Variance is checked
    • Setting a larger tolerance can prevent too many revaluations
  3. When using Average Costing, an Inventory Ripple will occur which will revalue all cost layers after a specific layer is changed

You should turn on this switch to track additional information on the cost batches

NOTE: Information regarding the Dex.ini switch below.

Add the following line in the DEX.INI to post to General Ledger in detail and populate the ORCTRNUM, ORMSTRID, ORMSTRNM and ORDOCNUM fields in the GL10001 (GL Transaction Amounts Work) and GL20000 (GL Year-to-Date Transaction Open) tables. 

Note: The DEX.INI file is found in the Data directory of your Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 and 2010 installs.  It is in the code folder of your Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 install.