Monday, November 30, 2015

Dynamics NAV - There are more x unresolved serial numbers attached to this document

This occurs due to unposted assembly entries

Even if you post the assembly afterwards, the serial error stays on the statement

To resolve

  • Confirm if the assembly for the serial number was posted
    • View the error by opening the statement, click on serial no errors.
    • Search for the serial number under the item ledger entries under Serial no. column
  • Remove the error flag on the Trans. Sales Entry
    • Find the transaction number in the Trans.Sales entry table or Serial No.
    • Set Serial/Lot no not valid to 0 (untick it)
    • Find the transactions number or serial no in the Transaction Status Table
    • Set Serial/Lot not valid to 0
--Post all assemblies before the statement date
 update [CRONUS$Transaction Status] set [Serial_Lot No_ Not Valid] = 0 where  [Serial_Lot No_ Not Valid] > 0
  update [CRONUS$Trans_ Sales Entry] set [Serial_Lot No_ Not Valid] = 0 where  [Serial_Lot No_ Not Valid] > 0

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dynamics Nav - LS Retail - Pharmacy - How to setup a Replacement Pharmacy Store Server

  • Setup a second store server that can be activated if necessary to act as a replacement store server
  • Pharacy data
    • Terminal -> Store Server -> Head Office -> Store Servers -> Terminals
  • Regular POS Data
    • Terminal ->HO ->Terminals
  • Changes to new store server to get it to match the old store server it's replacing
    • Change new computer name to old server computer name
    • Change new sql instance name to old instance name
    • In NAV Admin Console, change the following to the old store database name and for all instances
      • Database Name
      • Database Service company
      • Services Default company
    • Set pharmacy prescription numbering last number to the last prescription number received at HO from this store + 100 to avoid duplicates of prescriptions that may not have been transmitted before the old server went down
    • Set Issuer Numbering last number to the last Issuer number at HO from this store
    • Set Pharmacy Customer last number to the last Pharmacy customer number at HO from this store
    • Update Web service setup in new Store Server database to match old store server web service setup

  • Install SQL 2008R2 or higher (Express can be used)
    • Enable TCP IP protocols
    • Change service account to sqldb account
  • Install NAV, LS and Data Director
  • Create NAS Instance: Same ports as old store server, point to company db
    • Set services time zone to server time zone
    • Set default company to the company db
  • Create Web Service Instance: Same ports as old store server, point to company db
    • Set services time zone to server time zone
    • Set default company to the company db
    • Enable soap, set message size 2048
  • Copy Images Folder to new machine
  • Copy pharmacy dll's to new machine
    • From  \\Pharmacy DLL
    • To c:\program files(x86) Microsoft dynamics nav\71\Role Tailored client\add-ins\
  • Copy Scanner dll to new machine
  • Restore Last Store Database Backup into SQL 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Dynamics NAV - LS Retail - Replenishment Troubleshooting guide

  • Replenishment suggests the wrong stock due to an incorrect daily average sale calculation
    • The Daily average sale calculation is affected by the out of stock days if the "Replenish as item no" field is blank
    • If the C10012203 Replen. Out of Stock Mgt. is not running regularly, the out of stock days may not be correctly calculated, or updated, resulting in incorrect daily sales for items that have no value for "Date In Stock" in the T10012209 "Replen Out of Stock Log"
  • C10012200 Calc Replen Qty will delete replenishment quantity lines in the following situations, and will not include them when the "Add Lines" button is pressed
    • If a location does not exist
    • If a replenish From location does not exist
    • Item Status is set to Block Purchasing or Block Transferring
    • Item is set to Blocked

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dynmaics NAV - LS Retail - Demo Script

  • Login Cycle
    • Login Cashier
    • Enter Float
  • Standard sale cycle
    • Start Sale
    • Scan items
    • Take payment
    • complete sale
  • Standard Return Cycle
    • Start return
    • Scan bill
    • complete return
  • Void item cycle
    • Start sale
    • Scan item
    • Manager login
    • Void Item
    • Take payment
    • Complete sale
  • Discount Cards
    • Start sale
    • Scan item
    • scan discount
    • Take payment
    • Complete sale
  • Loyalty cards and points
  • End of Day
  • Backoffice
    • Statement Calculation
    • Sales posting
    • Statement Posting
  • Reports
    • Sales reports
  • Admin
    • Security
    • Data synchronization
    • Multiple Stores
    • Multiple terminals

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dynamics NAV - SQL - Record is locked -exec sp_who2

A record In the Item Ledger entry table is locked

Run this

CREATE TABLE #sp_who2 (SPID INT,Status VARCHAR(255),

      Login  VARCHAR(255),HostName  VARCHAR(255),

      BlkBy  VARCHAR(255),DBName  VARCHAR(255),

      Command VARCHAR(255),CPUTime INT,

      DiskIO INT,LastBatch VARCHAR(255),

      ProgramName VARCHAR(255),SPID2 INT,


INSERT INTO #sp_who2 EXEC sp_who2

SELECT      *

FROM        #sp_who2

-- Add any filtering of the results here :

WHERE       DBName = 'ESL'

-- Add any sorting of the results here :

ORDER BY    DBName ASC, BlkBy desc, SPID


DROP TABLE #sp_who2


--KILL 78


Look for status of "Runnable" or any values in the "BlkBy" field

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dynamics NAV - Create a custom Factbox

  • Edit Page you want to use as factbox
    • Design>Scroll to the bottom, right click on a blank line to get page properties
    • Set Page Type to "CardPart" (info for one card) or "ListPart"(info for entire list)
    • Or create a new page completely
  • Edit Page you want factbox on
  • Under Container>FactboxArea
    • Part>Page>Page name you want to use as factbox
    • Enter Part Page ID (Object ID)
    • Set the Subpagelink to filter the information based on the fields currently selected in the lsit
      • Select Factbox Field>FIELD>Select List field to use as filter

eOne Smartconnect - Timeout Expired when attempting to modify a source query

Reduce the compatibility level of the database you are connecting to. Then restart Smartconnect.

USE [master]




Monday, November 2, 2015