Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dynamics GP - Copy Live to Test, or Change Database Name


  1. Create new company
  2. Give appropriate users access to new company (Tools>Setup>System>User Access)
  3. Set appropriate currency access to new company (Tools>Setup>System>Multicurrency Access)
  4. Backup live company
  5. Restore live company over new company
  6. Run company name update script
  7. Run changedbowner script
  8. Remove user access to old company

Detailed steps outlined here

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SSRS - Using a Multi Value Parameter selection in a Filter on a dataset

Original Post

Filter Method:
  1. Create a multi-value parameter.  Let's call it @Animals and you select Dog, Cat, Bird (or Select All)
  2. Your main Dataset, which will return a result set to your report, does not reference @Animals in it's where clause.
  3. Instead, click on Dataset Properties and select Filters
  4. In the Filter setup dialog, click on the column in your result set that corresponds to the Animal value.
  5. For the operator, select the "In" operator
  6. For the value, click the fx>parameters>select parameter>Remove the 0 in the Parameter.Value(0) so it looks like Parameter.Value()
  7. Done!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dynamics GP 2010 R2, Management Reporter 2012 and SQL 2012

Dynamics GP 2010 R2 does not work on SQL 2012.
You must install Dynamics GP service pack 3 (sp3) gp 2010 service pack 3

Management Reporter 2012 does not work on SQL 2012.
You must install Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 2 or higher

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dynamics GP - Extended Pricing Logic

This is the logical flow of pricing checks in Dynamics GP Extended pricing.
If two prices are setup for an item in the same way, the date is the tiebreaker.
Only dates less than or equal to the sale date are considered.
If the start date is the same, it will use the price with the closest ending date.
If two prices are setup identical, GP will display an error message saying it cannot calculate a price.
The default selling UofM is taken from the Cards>Inventory>Price List> Default Selling UofM field even when using Extended Pricing.
If a price sheet is marked as "Promotional" a prompt will appear to allow the user to choose the promotional price at the time of sale.
If using Price Breaks, be sure to cover all quantity ranges.
If using Myridas Extended Pricing Enhancements, be aware that it works in addition to GP's extended pricing. Be careful not to duplicate pricing/promotions across both modules.

12 Cases of Bread are sold to Aaron today

If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes" that's where the price is taken, and no more further checks are done.
Price Check Logic:

Direct Assignment:
Does a Price for this many Cases of Bread exist on a Customer Assigned active Price Sheet before today's date?
Does a Price for this many Cases of Bread exist in a Price Group on a Customer Assigned active Price Sheet before today's date?

Book Check:

Does a Price for this many Cases of Bread exist on an active Price Sheet before today's date in a Customer Assigned Price Book?
Does a Price for this many Cases of Bread exist in a Price Group on a Customer Assigned active Price Sheet before today's date in a Customer Assigned Price Book?

Basebook Catch all:

Does a Price for this many Cases of Bread exist on an active Price Sheet before today's date in the BASEBOOK?
Does a Price for this many Cases of Bread exist in a Price Group on an active Price sheet before today's date in the BASEBOOK?

If the answer is "No" to all of these questions, Dynamics GP will not find a price, and will return 0.
If prices are required in the system, an error message will display "A price can't be found for item Bread. Because the system is setup to require prices, you must remove the item."

Additional Notes concerning Extended Pricing and Myridas Pricing Enhancements
  • Each promotion/deal is checked independently
  • If a criteria are met for multiple promotions, they will all trigger
  • Ensure that promotions do not overlap if they are not meant to
  • Frees added by promotions are not taken into account
  • Promotional-priced items are not taken into account unless “Include Promotion Priced Items in Aggregate Count” is set in the Extended Pricing Extras Setup window
  • Does not work on returns
  • Aggregate Pricing only controls which book pricing should be taken from. Regular Extended pricing logic is used against the book, and sheets.

SQL - Sequential or consecutive numbering of results or records

Original example:

USE AdventureWorks2012; 
    FirstName, LastName, ROUND(SalesYTD,2,1) AS "Sales YTD" 
FROM Sales.vSalesPerson
WHERE TerritoryName IS NOT NULL AND SalesYTD <> 0;

will return

Row FirstName    LastName               SalesYTD
--- -----------  ---------------------- -----------------
1   Linda        Mitchell               4251368.54
2   Jae          Pak                    4116871.22
3   Michael      Blythe                 3763178.17
4   Jillian      Carson                 3189418.36
5   Ranjit       Varkey Chudukatil      3121616.32
6   José         Saraiva                2604540.71
7   Shu          Ito                    2458535.61
8   Tsvi         Reiter                 2315185.61
9   Rachel       Valdez                 1827066.71
10  Tete         Mensa-Annan            1576562.19
11  David        Campbell               1573012.93
12  Garrett      Vargas                 1453719.46
13  Lynn         Tsoflias               1421810.92
14  Pamela       Ansman-Wolfe           1352577.13

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Adobe Illustrator - Can't Print the Illustration

One of the following is Causing the problem:

  1. Your settings are corrupted.
  2. Your fonts are corrupted 
  3. Adobe is retarded and needs to be reinstalled...on a different machine

Delete the Adobe Illustrator Settings folder in

C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Adobe\


If you can't find this folder, click start, run
Type in %appdata% and click run
to open the Application Data folder

Check here for other locations for different versions

Launch Adobe Illustrator
You should be able to print fine now

This is one of the many solutions that failed.
I still have not found a consistent solution to this issue.