Saturday, June 16, 2018

LS NAV - Data Director - How to import the license

  • Get Data Director License from LS Retail
  • Launch DD Configuration Tool
  • Connect to server
  • Send License
  • Choose License file

Thursday, June 14, 2018

LS NAV - Return or Refund does not scan

  • This is setup on the POS Terminal Card > Printing>Receipt Barcode ID
    • If this is not setup properly, a valid barcode is not generated, or scanned for the receipt
  • When Upgrading from 2015 to 2018, the "Code 128" option in the Terminals>Print Receipt BC Type field no longer exists on the page P99001485
    • You must go to each terminal card and change the barcode to one of the new valid types: Code39, Code128A or B

LS NAV - Tasklet Factory - Web Service Address URL

  • Go to Web Services
  • Look for the Tasklet Factory web Service TF Mobile WS Dispatcher
  • Copy the SOAP URL

LS NAV - Receipt Printing and Multiple Copies

By default, LS NAV will print an original and a copy of everything to the OPOS
If you setup a windows print, it will send one print to the receipt printer, and one print to the windows printer

To get multiple copies if using the windows invoice, Retail Customer>Invoicing>Invoice Copies

If using the OPOS, you would need to modify the C99008903 POS Print Utility

LS NAV - Discount Offer Objects

  • Discount Offer (P99001594)-Periodic Discount (T99001453)
    • P99001595 Discount Offer Lines - Periodic Discount Line (T99001454)

LS NAV Upgrade - Converts Product Groups to Item Categories

Upgrade turns product groups into item categories on item masters.

Create import package from old with item categories
Import to new items to update item category values

LS NAV - Delete Logs, Clear Logs Manually, Logs take too long to delete

  • Scheduled Job - DELETELOGS should be scheduled to run nightly, after other important tasks are done
    • Scheduler Setup controls how many days of each to keep
  • Run C99001486 - DeleteLogs
    • Tables that can be cleared
      • Preaction
      • Action
      • Scheduler Log
      • Preaction Log
  • POS Functionality Profile-General-Days Transaction Exists
    •  has the number of days to keep logs. Anything older will be purged on login if the user says "yes" to purge