Monday, August 21, 2017

Dynamics NAV - LS Retail - Pharmacy - "The operation could not complete because a record in the Prescription Order Table was locked by another user. Please retry the activity." when scanning a prescription

Codeunits involved upon prescription scan

  • T10015350 Prescription Order
    • Flowfields:Prescription Order Lines Sum: Amount, Insurance Payment, Discount amount,Customer Payment
  • C10015331 Prescription POS Connection
    • ScanPrescriptionOrder
      • GetPrescriptionOrder
      • C10015395 Pharmacy Web client
        • GetPrescriptionOrder
          • Possibly Writing to Prescription Order, and stalling while calculating flowfields, resulting in access error as code continues to populate Prescription Order
      • GetAndReservePrescriptionOrder

Friday, August 18, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dynamics GP - SQL View - Inventory Transaction Adjustment Line Detail with Reason codes, accounts and username

/****** Object:  View [dbo].[BI_INV_ItemAdjDtl]    Script Date: 17/08/2017 10:11:09 AM ******/


CREATE VIEW [dbo].[BI_INV_ItemAdjDtl]
SELECT        dbo.IV30200.TRXSORCE, dbo.IV30200.IVDOCTYP, dbo.IV30200.DOCNUMBR, dbo.IV30200.DOCDATE, dbo.IV30200.BACHNUMB, dbo.IV30200.GLPOSTDT, dbo.IV00101.ITEMNMBR, dbo.IV00101.ITEMDESC,
                         dbo.IV30300.UOFM, dbo.IV30300.TRXQTY, dbo.IV30300.UNITCOST, dbo.IV30300.EXTDCOST, dbo.IV30300.TRXLOCTN, dbo.IV30300.TRNSTLOC, dbo.IV30300.QTYBSUOM, dbo.IV30300.Reason_Code,
                         dbo.IV40300.Reason_Code_Description, dbo.GL00105.ACTNUMST AS IVActNum, dbo.GL00100.ACTDESCR AS IVActDesc, GL00105_1.ACTNUMST AS OffsetActNum, GL00100_1.ACTDESCR AS OffsetActDesc,
FROM            dbo.IV30200 INNER JOIN
                         dbo.IV30300 ON dbo.IV30200.IVDOCTYP = dbo.IV30300.DOCTYPE AND dbo.IV30200.DOCNUMBR = dbo.IV30300.DOCNUMBR INNER JOIN
                         dbo.GL00100 ON dbo.IV30300.IVIVINDX = dbo.GL00100.ACTINDX INNER JOIN
                         dbo.GL00105 ON dbo.GL00100.ACTINDX = dbo.GL00105.ACTINDX INNER JOIN
                         dbo.GL00100 AS GL00100_1 ON dbo.IV30300.IVIVOFIX = GL00100_1.ACTINDX INNER JOIN
                         dbo.GL00105 AS GL00105_1 ON GL00100_1.ACTINDX = GL00105_1.ACTINDX INNER JOIN
                         dbo.IV00101 ON dbo.IV30300.ITEMNMBR = dbo.IV00101.ITEMNMBR LEFT OUTER JOIN
                             (SELECT        ORTRXSRC AS TrxSource, DTAControlNum AS SourceDocNum, USWHPSTD AS UserNm
                               FROM            dbo.GL10000
                               SELECT        ORGNTSRC, ORCTRNUM, USWHPSTD
                               FROM            dbo.GL20000
                               SELECT        ORGNTSRC, ORCTRNUM, USWHPSTD
                               FROM            dbo.GL30000) AS GLTrxSmry ON dbo.IV30300.TRXSORCE = GLTrxSmry.TrxSource AND dbo.IV30300.DOCNUMBR = GLTrxSmry.SourceDocNum LEFT OUTER JOIN
                         dbo.IV40300 ON dbo.IV30300.Reason_Code = dbo.IV40300.Reason_Code


Dynamics GP - Reason Code Table - IV40300

Reason Code Table - IV40300

Monday, August 14, 2017

Eone Smartview and Smartlist builder - the multi-part identifier could not be bound

Reinstall the latest versions of Smartlist Builder and Smartview

Globalprotect v4 server certificate verification failed

The proper certificates are not installed


  • After browsing to the portal to download the globalprotect client, if the site is showing a certificate error
    • Click on the error>View Certificates>Certification Path
    • It may have multiple certificates listed here. Install all certificates with a red x to the Trusted Certification Authority folder
    • Refresh the page to confirm that the certificates are working correctly