Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dynamics NAV - "Unit of Measure does not exist" error when calculating warehouse movements for inventory journals

This is happening because a transaction exists in the whse journals with no uofm

update  [CRONUS].[dbo].[CRONUS$Warehouse Entry] set [Unit of Measure Code] = 'EA' where [Unit of Measure Code] = ''

update [CRONUS].[dbo].[CRONUS$Warehouse Journal Line] set [Unit of Measure Code] = 'EA' where [Unit of Measure Code] = ''

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dynamics GP - Field Service - How to find out Which User Created/Modified an Equipment ID?

Activity Tracking does not track any of the Field Service Tables.
The only thing it will track is opening and closing of the windows.

This table has a log of equipment number creation / modification.
It will only track changes to the reference number, and no other fields.
It does not track the value of the reference numbers, only whether or not it was changed.

select * from svc00310


SELECT        EQUIPID, LNITMSEQ, DATE1, TIME1, USERID, From_Customer_Number, To_Customer_Number, From_Serial_Number, To_Serial_Number, From_Item_Number, To_Item_Number, DSCRIPTN, DEX_ROW_ID
FROM            SVC00310

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Samsung un40f5500af - Turns off by itself.

Left the TV off for a few hours
Changed the batteries in the remote
It came back on all by itself
Not sure if it was trying to update itself, it says it has firmware 2207.
I'm not sure what the latest version is supposed to be, but it also says the last time it checked for updated was 2015

Friday, October 6, 2017

Dynamics GP - Purchase Receipt does not post correctly, causes PO to think it's received, but there is no stock

Situation: PO has been created, PO receipt is done and posted, but posting fails. The PO line says it's completely received, the receipt transaction is corrupted, and there is no inventory available from the receipt.

Solution:In this case, the PO receipt actually did not post, and we just have to recover the corrupt transaction and delete it.

--Get the Receipt number for the PO
select * from pop10310 where ponumber = 'PO000000000022484'

--Get the Receipt Header
select * from pop10300 where poprctnm = 'GSR00000000068562'

--Update the VENDORID and POPTYPE = 1 if they are blank to allow you to access the transaction in the receiving work screen
--Get the vendor id
select vendorid from pop10100 where ponumber = 'PO000000000022484'

update pop10300 set VENDORID  = 'APAS01', POPTYPE = 1 where POPRCTNM =  'GSR00000000068562'

After running the scripts, pull up the transaction in the purchase receipt screen and delete it.
This should free up the PO and allow you to receive the lines properly.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Check Network Traffic and Connectivity issues - Microsoft Nework Monitor, Microsoft Message Analyzer


Use Filters

Property.Source >= "MYPC" and Property.Source <= "MYPD"

A Newer version of this program with better message reporting is available here

Or you can also use Wireshark

Dynamics GP - You cannot receive this purchase order line item because it hasn't been encumbered by encumbrance management. Please encumber the purchase in the purchase order entry window.

There is nowhere on the purchase order entry window to physically encumber this.

  • Encumbrance occurs when any one of the following occurs
    • Workflow approves PO line
    • PO approval Approves PO line
    • Mass Encumbrance processes PO line
Problem: The ENC10110.ENCBSTAT is set to 4, and is waiting for Approval or workflow, but neither of these are enabled, so the line can never be encumbered.

Solution:Set the ENC10110.ENCBSTAT to 2 to enable it in the Mass purchasing>transaction>Mass Encumbrance screen to complete the approval before it can be received.

 --Use this to get the dex_row_id's for the lines that cannot be received

select * from enc10110 where ponumber = ' PO00293'

--Use this to update the lines to enable them in the Mass Encumbrance window for processing
--Change the dex_row id's to match the lines that cannot be received
update ENC10110 set ENCBSTAT = 2 where DEX_ROW_ID in (298800,298811)

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