Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dynamics Nav 2013 CAL - Convert Decimal to string


Dynamics NAV 2013 - How to display a related field from another table on a page

On the CAL code for the Page, use this code to display the Barcode from the Barcode Table next to the items on my current table that only has populated Item no. and a blank field emptyBarcode with no data.

We use the emptyBarcode field as a variable to store the Barcode value we find.
Once we populate the emptyBarcode in the CAL code, the value is displayed on the page in the emptyBarcode field


BarcodeRec.SETCURRENTKEY("BarcodeItem No.");
BarcodesRec.SETRANGE("BarcodeItem No.","Item No.");
BarcodesRec.SETRANGE("Show for Item",TRUE);
IF BarcodesRec.FIND('-') THEN
  emptyBarcode := BarcodesRec."Barcode No."
  BarcodesRec.SETRANGE("Show for Item");
  IF BarcodesRec.FIND('-') THEN
    emptyBarcode := BarcodesRec."Barcode No."
    emptyBarcode := '';

Sample of how to cycle through records and get a sum

SL.SETRANGE("Document No.","No.");
SL.SETRANGE("Document Type","Document Type");
    Docamt:= Docamt + SL.Amount

SL.Amount = Docamt;
CAL Globals:

  • BarcodesRec
    • Datatype: Record
      • Subtype (Table): Barcodes

Saturday, March 28, 2015

How to Install NAV 2015 CU1 next to NAV 2013R2

Just run the NAV 2015 CU1 installer.
ensure you use different ports for everything, and different folders for everything.

Data director will break.
Install Data Director on another machine.

Report Writer will break
Uninstall the Report Writer for SQL 2014, and reinstall Report Writer 3 for SQL 2012

Friday, March 27, 2015

Dynamics NAV - Remove all users and allow a single login

delete from [dbo].[User]
delete from [dbo].[Access Control]
delete from [dbo].[User Property]
delete from [dbo].[Page Data Personalization]
delete from [dbo].[User Default Style Sheet]
delete from [dbo].[User Metadata]
delete from [dbo].[User Personalization]

Dynamics GP 2013 - SRS Reports: not implemented with a red cross out symbol

No matter what you try, you cannot re-deploy the SSRS reports for a specific company.
It keeps showing as a red cross out.

Related Issues:
This issue may sometimes occur on databases upgraded from previous versions



--If TWO is the company with the problem

Select * Into DYNAMICS..sydeployedreportsbak
from DYnamics..syDeployedReports
where companyid = 'TWO'
Delete DYNAMICS..syDeployedReports
where companyid = 'TWO'

Friday, March 20, 2015

Dynamics NAV 2013 - Physical Print is different from Print Preview print

Physical prints looks stretched, or squashed, but screen prints are fine
Physical prints look like they are printing in the wrong resolution, but screen prints are fine
Physical prints look like they are printing the wrong font, but screen prints are fine

Related issues:
Printing from Terminal Server
Printing from a Remote Session
Printing from Windows XP

This may be related to the graphics drivers.
Ensure the graphics drivers for the local machine and terminal server are updated to the correct drivers, and not the standard windows drivers.

Ensure that the client machine is on the latest service pack.

If the user uses 1024x768 and remotes in to the terminal server and prints, it will print correctly.
You can leave your screen resolution the way it is, and manually change the display settings on the RDP session to force the session to display in 1024x768.

Either way, the RDP will print correctly.


Chrome - Cannot open or download pdf file

Related Issues:
Viewing Help PDF in Reqlogic 9

The default Chrome pdf reader plugin is defective


  1. Go to chrome://plugins
  2. Disable the default chrome pdf reader plugin
  3. Attempt to open your pdf
  4. When prompted to open the file, click on run this time.
Other Solutions:
you can attempt to download another pdf viewer, but you will still need to disable the default one.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dell XPSL502X -AC Power adapter type cannot be determined. Plugged in, not charging

Lots of websites tell you to replace your adapter, or your battery.

Use Throttlestop to prevent the cpu throttling
Set multiplier to 25 or 26, (the machine drops it to 8 when the adapter is not detected)

Try this first, it worked for me.

  1. Power off machine
  2. Remove battery
  3. Remove AC cord
  4. Unplug AC cord
  5. Leave everything off and unplugged for a couple hours to ensure all charge is discharged, and everything cools to room temperature
  6. Plug in AC cord to wall
  7. Plug Ac cord to PC
  8. Turn on PC
  9. Right click on My Computer>Properties>Device Manager>Batteries
  10. Uninstall all Microsoft - devices
  11. Shut down machine
  12. Unplug adapter from wall and pc
  13. Put the battery back in (Make sure it is cool, hot batteries will not charge)
  14. Plug in adapter to wall and pc
  15. Turn machine on
  16. At this point, the battery should show that it is charging
    1. If this works, then nothing is wrong with your hardware
  17. When you turn back on the machine, it will reinstall the ACPI drivers
  18. This may cause the PC to stop detecting the adapter again

Option2: Let everything cool and discharge (This also continues to work for me after the first method failed)
  1. Unplug the AC adapter from the laptop and wall
  2. Remove the battery from the laptop
  3. Hold down the power button on the laptop for 30 seconds to remove any residual charge
  4. Leave them all overnight to cool completely
  5. Put battery in laptop
  6. Plug adapter into laptop
  7. Plug adapter into wall
  8. Battery light should come on to indicate charging without having to turn on laptop

Thursday, March 12, 2015

SSRS - How to use Rownumber


  1. You must use the EXACT name of the group you are counting in enclosed in " "
  2. OR you must use the EXACT name of the Table in which you are using rownumber
  3. OR you must use the EXACT name of the report dataset

Examples: Show or hide based on rownumber

=iif(Rownumber("Table1_Group1")>12, True, False)

Dynamics NAV 2013 - Remove persistent margins on reports

  • In Report Builder, go to View>Properties>Page Layout
    • Set the margins and page size.
  • Remove any whitespace on the right that may be causing the page to bleed into another page
  • Confirm the printer will print correctly from ANY application
    • Try different printer cables if you are getting different results
  • Set the paper size in the print server settings on the machine hosting the printer
  • Color the backgrounds of your report to see which sections are falling where

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dynamics NAV 2013 - How to page break at x lines - Row number, Row Count

Setup  a group at the highest level that groups on the detail line numbers. Use a value that allows an acceptable number of records to fall within each grouping.
Either one of these two methods can work depending on your needs.

  • The Groupname must be the group directly above the group you are using the formula in. (The page break group should be the first group under the header you are using in the formula)
  • Set the group to group on the formula below
  • Save
  • Remove the sorting option on the group

=Floor(Fields!Purchase_Line___Line_No__.Value / 1000000)

=Floor((rownumber("GroupName")-1) / 28)

Dynamics NAV 2013 - How to get a report to print multiple copies of itself on the first print

CopyLoop - OnPreDataItem()
NoOfLoops := 1 + ABS(NoOfCopies);
CopyText := '';
OutputNo := 1;

CopyLoop - OnAfterGetRecord()
IF Number > 1 THEN BEGIN
  CopyText := Text000;
  OutputNo += 1;
CurrReport.PAGENO := 1;

Group on the [Output] field

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dynamics NAV 2013 - Exporting to excel exports ALL records regardless of filter or exports NO records to Excel

Related Issues:

  • Exports to Excel take extremely long
  • Exports have no data
  • You do not get the option to open or save the document, and it automatically opens
  • Data that is exported does not correspond to what you were trying to export

  • Install Office 2010 or higher
  • Uninstall NAV
  • Reinstall NAV Client using Run as Administrator

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 and LS Retail - POS Data Flow and Setup

  • Head Office
    • Create Store
      • Create Terminal
        • Set replication info (connection string to connect to terminal)
          • Test connection
        • Assign Hardware Profile
    • Create NAV User
      • Create Retail User, Assign NAV User
        • Assign Retail User to Store and Terminal
    • Create Job to Send data (Uses NAS for Scheduling)
      • Send Preload
        • Loads POS configuration
        • Loads Hardware profile
    • Create Job to set functionality profile to DDPUSH (Sets Data Director to push transactions back to Head Office)

  • Terminal
    • Do not configure NAS
  • Setup POS Interface Design
    • Style Profile
      • change fonts, colors, etc.