Friday, June 29, 2012

Dynamics GP - How to backup and restore a GP company

These steps assume you have a second identical backup server already setup, and the only difference between the two servers is the age of the data. Complications arise if there are different users/passwords or software versions. Refer to for full instructions related to migrating databases to another server.

  1. Ensure all users log out of the live company, or run the script to remove all users and remove all locks (
  2. Backup the existing databases from SQL Management Studio, 
    1. log in to your live server
    2. right click on the DYNAMICS database
    3. Select tasks>backup
    4. By the destination box, tick "disk" and remove the current location (you can leave this if it has the correct location for your backup)
    5. Click add to add a new location for the backup, select the location
    6. Click on options
    7. Tick overwrite all existing backup sets (if you do not do this, if the backup already exists, it will append another backup to that file)
    8. Repeat this process for each of your company databases
  3. Restore the databases to your backup server
    1. Log in to your backup server
    2. right click on the DYNAMICS database
    3. Select tasks>restore>database
    4. Select from device, click the lookup, and select your backup file
    5. Click add to add a new location for the backup, select the location
    6. Click on options
    7. Tick overwrite the existing database with replace
    8. Under the restore as fields, you can change the name and location of the database files if you wish to. Leaving the default will restore the files to the default location.

Full instructions relating to moving databases to another server can be found here

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dynamics GP - Report Writer - Copying report layouts from SOP Long, Short, Blank to each other

This article describes how to copy the report layout from an SOP Other Invoice form to the SOP Short Invoice Form. This technique can used to transfer layouts between the SOP Log, Short and Blank invoice types without having to modify every single one manually.

Basically you can export the reports to package files, open the package files in notepad, and copy the layout information into another package file, which is then imported.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dynamics GP - eOne Smartconnect - the stored procedure 'taUpdatecreatevendorrcd' does not exist

the stored procedure 'taUpdatecreatevendorrcd' does not exist or any error saying the stored procedure does not exist. 1) Ensure econnect is installed on the GP server you are integrating to. 2) Manually check for the existence of the stored procedure in your destination company. If it does not exist, use the GP database maintenance to rebuild all of the stored procedures 3) If it does exist, Ensure that the windows account you have set as the administrator in smartconnect has access to the destination company, and is ticked as part of the DYNGRP in the securables mapping in SQL security

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dynamics GP 10 - How to install Compass Point of Sale

  1. Run the install
  2. Install Compass into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP directory (or wherever your GP is installed)
  3. Run GP, include new code
  4. Login as sa
  5. Click on "Compass Installation" in the navigation pane
  6. Click "Install"
  7. Register by going to GP>Tools>Utilities>System>Compass>Registration
  8. Create Compass task, add all Retail Point of Sale>Windows>Sales, add smartlist>smartlist object>smartlist objects, save
  9. Create Compass Role, add compass task
  10. Assign role to users
  11. Refer to documentation for additional instructions (Needs login)