Monday, October 31, 2016

Dynamics GP - Purchasing Tables

  • POP10100 - PO Hdr
  • POP10110 - PO Line
    • Source_Document_Number - reqlogic number

Dynamics GP - Inventory - Assembly Bill of Materials Tables

  • BM00101 - BOM Header
  • BM00111 - BOM Detail
  • BM10200 - Work Assembly Trx Hdr
  • BM10300 - Work Assembly Trx Dtl
  • BM30200 - Posted Assembly Trx Hdr
  • BM30300 - Posted Assembly Trx Dtl

Sunday, October 30, 2016

SSRS Training Topics

  • Basic
    • Setup
      • How to install SSRS
      • How to Manage SSRS

    • Security
    • Data Sources
    • SQL Views
    • Reports
  • Advanced
    • Advanced SQL Views
    • Stored Procedures
    • Reporting Tricks
  • Exercises
    • Build a Sales Report
    • Group and filter by Customer, Item
    • Show Sales, Vat, Profit

Implementation Methodology

  • Definition - What are we doing? Is this realistic?
    • Project Planning
    • Business Objectives
    • Feasibility
      • Time
      • Resources
      • Budget
  • Analysis - What do you REALLY want? in Detail
    • Business Requirements (Fit gap) - How are we meeting each requirement?
      • Workarounds
      • Screen Layouts - Do any screens need to be modified?
      • Report Layouts - Do any reports need to be modified?
    • System Architecture Requirements - What will we need to run this?
    • Future Business Processes - What processes will change?
    • Transition Strategy - What has to start changing from now
      • Reconciliation plan - Internal audit before and after go live
    • Data Migration Map/Template Workshops - What data is going into the new system?
    • Install Software
      • Install sample data
      • Create Live and Test environments
      • Configure Backups
      • Enable Logging
      • Enable Archiving
  • Design - This is how we're gonna do it, it's going to cost more
    • Rapid Process Test
      • Run through all future processes in Test system
      • Confirm Forms and Reports changes in Test system
    • Finalize Customizations - Signoff
      • Define all scope changes required to meet Final Requirements
    • Module Configurations - Signoff
      • FDD
  • Develop - Build it. Test it. Test it. Test it some more.
    • Build Customizations
      • Test Customizations
    • Configure System
    • Test Import Data
      • Historical Data
      • Current Data
        • Confirm GL, AR, AP, INV MUST reconcile
    • Pilot Test Entire Integrated System
      • Test Scripts
      • Test Security
      • Test Reconcile
    • Mock Go-Live
    • Go Live Readiness Review and Discussion
      • Post mortem on all issues during mock go-live
      • Agree on a realistic Go-Live date
  • Deploy- This is how you use it
    • End User Training
      • User Manuals
    • Change Management
    • Final Data Migration
      • Current Data
        • Confirm GL, AR, AP, INV MUST reconcile
    • Take Final Backups of all Customizations
  • Operate - Start using it
    • Go-Live
  • Support - Use it better
    • Support
      • Resolve Red Flag Issues Immediately
    • Refine Configurations
    • Refine Modifications
    • Additional Modifications

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SSRS Data Source Connection String

Data Source= SRV-GPS;Initial Catalog=TWO;Integrated Security=False

SRV-GPS = SQL Server name\instance
TWO = Database name

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

eOne Smartconnect - Scheduled maps stop running for no reason

This is an issue that they are currently working on 

1.  Scheduling the SmartConnect scheduling service to restart once a day.  This will solve any sort of "out of memory" issues, or issues where the scheduler shows it's running, but it won't pick up any maps.  I wrote a blog article on how to use a batch file to restart the scheduling service using the Windows task scheduler, you can find it here:

Create a batch file with these lines
taskkill /F /IM eOne.SmartConnect.WindowsService.exe
timeout 30
sc start eOne.SmartConnect.WindowsService.exe

2.  Creating a SQL job to delete any users that have been stuck in maps longer than 15 minutes.  So if you have a map that is repeating say every 10 minutes for the entire day, and a user gets stuck in it for longer than 15 minutes, then you know the map is stuck.  So then you create a SQL job that deletes any activity records older than 15 minutes, and then have the job run every 15 minutes.  

delete MapActivity where CheckType='Service' and DateTime <=dateadd(minute,-15,getdate())

Friday, October 21, 2016

Data Director - Conversion Overflows Error

Change the option in the DD server under App Config>Decimal Fix to "BIG"
Send Config
Restart DD service

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dynamics GP - Manufacturing - Understanding how Manufacturing Calculates FG Costs - Why costing errors occur

  • From a Recipe Level - Direct Costs Come From
    • Machine Setup
    • Labor Setup
    • Routing Setup
    • Component Costs on Manufacturing Bill of Materials
  • From a Production Level - Costs are affected by
    • Final Costs are calculated when the MO is closed
      • Using Item Cost at the time it was issued to the MO
      • Machine Costs Issued /backflushed to the MO
      • Labor Costs issued/backflushed to the MO
      • Minus Cost of all Reverse Issued raw materials
    • If Backflushing
      • Raw Material is not issued, and costs are not reflected in pick tickets or in WIP
      • Raw Material is adjusted out of stock when the Finished Good Receipt is posted
  • Causes of Costing errors
    • Rounding errors due to UofM factors that may go beyond 5 decimal places
      • When setting up a BOM, notice that quantities may automatically adjust themselves on the BOM when first entered due to rounding limitations of the UofM selected
    • Changing Default Qty to Backflush
      • If your raw materials are set to backflush, changing the quantity of raw materials used "consumes" from the total quantity of raw materials GP thinks you should be using for that entire MO, even though it will cost that receipt correctly
      • Example - Bom that uses 1 unit of rm to produce 1 unit of fg
        • I do an MO for 2 units of FG
          • I do a receipt for 1 unit of FG, but change the RM from 1 unit of RM to 2 units of rm
          • GP will cost that 1 fg at the cost of the 2 units of rm consumed to produce it
          • However, if i try to receive 1 more fg, GP suggests 0 rm because it assumes you have already consumed all the rm required for this MO
          • At this point, i have to manually enter the additional RM i am using
          • This is a problem if calculating the RM is complicated
    • Receiving additional Finished Goods against a Backflush MO that is "Completed"
      • GP will not automatically backflush more Raw materials to the fully received MO
      • If you do not manually add more raw materials to the MO, your costing will come out incorrect
    • If using Average Costing for Inventory, Finished Goods and Raw Material Costs can fluctuate with each issue and receipt depending on what other transactions may have occurred between the Manufacturing transactions
  • Guidelines to prevent Costing errors
    • Ensure that the Base UofM of the Raw Material is in the smallest quantities being used
      • Instead of using 0.00001 kgs, your base unit should be in grams
    • Do not receive against "Completed"  MO's