Saturday, June 17, 2017

Data Director - Error: Table [$Item] Not found in Database [POS]

A previous action or job is locking the specific table in question, causing DD to stop all pending jobs.
If you attempt to cancel the job from head office, it does not cancel.


  • You can only cancel the errant job from the head office after all destinations have been restarted or DD service restarted
  • Restart Machine or Data Director service on terminal
    • Login to machine
    • Run Data Director Configuration Tool as Administrator
    • Connect to terminal
    • Stop service
    • Start Service
    • Repeat for all offending terminals
  • Cancel the job on just this terminal
    • Run Job Monitor
    • Connect to terminal
    • Select the error job on top
    • Select the error terminal on the bottom
      • Right click>Cancel job on Destination>This Only
  • OR Cancel the offending job on all hosts (this will only work for the terminals that have restarted the DD service or machine)
    • Run Job Monitor
    • Connect to head office
    • Select the error job on top
      • Right click>Cancel job on All Hosts

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